Subject Verb Agreement Exercises for Esl Students

As an ESL student, one of the most challenging aspects of learning English is mastering subject-verb agreement. This means making sure that the verb agrees in number and tense with the subject of the sentence. It may seem like a trivial topic, but subject-verb agreement is crucial in writing effective and understandable sentences, particularly in academic and professional contexts.

To help ESL students improve their subject-verb agreement skills, here are some exercises that you can use in your practice:

1. Basic identification: Start with simple sentences that have only one subject and one verb, such as “She walks” or “They eat.” Ask students to identify the subject and the verb, and then match them accordingly. This exercise will help students become more familiar with picking out the main components of a sentence that need to agree.

2. Subject-verb agreement for different tenses: Introduce sentences with different tenses, such as present, past, and future. Ask students to identify the verb tense and match it with the appropriate subject. For example, “He runs every day” and “She will run tomorrow.”

3. Subject-verb agreement with singular and plural nouns: Introduce sentences with both singular and plural nouns, such as “The dog barks” and “The dogs bark.” Ask students to identify the subject and its number, and then match it with the appropriate verb.

4. Complex sentences: As students become more familiar with subject-verb agreement, introduce more complex sentences with multiple subjects and verbs. For instance, “The cat and the dog play together” and “She sings, dances, and acts in plays.” This exercise builds on the previous exercises and helps students to grasp the concept in a more comprehensive way.

5. Error correction: Provide students with sentences that contain errors in subject-verb agreement, and ask them to correct the mistakes by changing the subject or the verb to agree. This activity encourages students to identify and correct errors, which is an important skill in writing.

In conclusion, improving subject-verb agreement skills is an essential step for ESL students who want to write effective and clear sentences. These exercises are a great way to practice and build confidence in subject-verb agreement, and will ultimately contribute to stronger writing skills overall.

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