International Space Station Intergovernmental Agreement Upsc

The International Space Station (ISS) is an iconic structure in the field of space exploration and research. It is a collaborative project between five space agencies from around the world, namely NASA (United States), ROSCOSMOS (Russian Federation), JAXA (Japan), ESA (Europe), and CSA (Canada).

What is the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA)?

The IGA is a legal framework that was signed on January 28, 1998, between these space agencies, establishing the ISS as a joint venture and defining the roles and responsibilities of each partner. The IGA outlines the principles of cooperation, information exchange, crew selection, and mission planning, among other essential aspects of the ISS program.

The IGA is a crucial document that provides the foundation for the ongoing success of the ISS program. It addresses critical aspects such as operations, safety, legal liability, and the distribution of costs and benefits among the partners. The IGA ensures that all activities related to the ISS program are conducted in a coordinated and collaborative manner.

What is the significance of the IGA for UPSC aspirants?

For UPSC aspirants, understanding the IGA is essential as it is a crucial topic in the field of international relations and space law. Questions related to the ISS and its partners are common in UPSC exams, particularly in the fields of science and technology, space exploration, and foreign relations.

The IGA also highlights the importance of international cooperation in the field of space exploration and research. With the ISS program, the world has witnessed the power of collaboration and the benefits of sharing resources, knowledge, and expertise for a common goal.


The IGA is a vital document that defines the ISS program and the roles of its partners. It is an excellent example of international cooperation and collaboration in the field of space exploration. Aspiring UPSC candidates must study and understand the IGA as it is a crucial topic in the fields of international relations, space law, and science and technology. The ISS program has brought together different nations and cultures for a common goal, and the IGA ensures that this collaboration continues successfully.

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